Over the years, we have been involved in innovative projects and have done some quality work. On this page, you will find the some of the certificates that we have received from our clients as a demonstration of the goodwill and the respect that we have generated due to our pursuit of excellence and our desire to perform at the highest level. Please click on the links below to view some of the certificates from different organizations. Some files have been password protected. Please use the following password to open these files:


CRISIL Verified

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1. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited. – for hydrogen purification system

2. Ashish Life Science Private Limited – consultancy for autoclave problem

3. Asian Paints Limited – for Co-axial twin shaft disperser (2.5 kL capacity)

4. Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited – for Benzene Drying Unit revamping project

5. India Glycols Limited – for Design Engineering and Fabrication Drawing of Glycol Ether Project

6. Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited – for Adsorption System for dehydration of n-Hexane (turnkey project)

7. Sah Petroleum – for Grease Processing Kettle

8.Micro Inks – for Agitator for Hydrogenation reactor

9. Standard Greases 1 / Standard Greases 2 – for Grease Processing / Cooling Kettles and Pressure Kettle

10. Tarapur Grease Industries Pvt. Ltd. – for Grease Processing / Cooling Kettle and Pressure Vessel

11. Uni Klinger Limited. – for Adsorbent based Solvent Recovery System

12. Wockhardt – for Adsorptive Drying System for Solvent Recovery System