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High Pressure Vessels

You have reached the correct place for sourcing your requirement of high pressure Autoclaves and high pressure vessels. New Multifab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has designed, manufactured and supplied Autoclaves for high pressure reactions to various Clients in the speciality chemical industries. We have even designed and manufactured heat exchangers auxiliaries to high pressure equipments, for services such as condenser, product cooler, evaporator, etc. Autoclave sized vary from 2 Litre to 20000 Litre (20 KL) capacity behemoths. Similarly, we have manufactured heat exchangers with heat transfer area varying from 0.5 m2 to over 1000 m2.

Clad Pressure Vessels & Clad Autoclaves.

Often chemical industries are faced with the quandary of selection of material of construction for critical process equipments, such as Reactors, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers. The process requires selection of exotic materials of construction such as Nickel, Hastelloy or costlier grades of Stainless Steel. Owing to the high pressures & temperatures involved, it becomes uneconomical for the industry to get the equipment manufactured in the said material of construction.

New Multifab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. can offer the solution of Clad Pressure Vessels and Clad Reactors. These equipments are designed and manufactured with lower cost, higher strength material as base plate with the exotic or costlier material as cladding plate. This results in tremendous saving in costs.

Clad Plates conform to ASME Grades SA 264 or SA 265. We have successfully designed, manufactured and supplied various equipments in this configuration with base material as Carbon Steel and Cladding material as Nickel, Stainless Steel Grades 316L and 317L.