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New Multifab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has designed, manufactured and supplied Hydrogen Generation Plant. Hydrogen is manufactured from a mixture of Methanol and Demineralized Water, by using a Catalytic Reactor and Pressure Swing Adsorption for purification of Hydrogen gas.

Having made our name as the supplier of choice & repute for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) based Drying/Purification Systems, we at New Multifab Engineers decided to branch out to Hydrogen Generation Plants in the year 2014. We have even designed, manufactured and supplied PSA based Hydrogen purification systems.

Hydrogen (H2) is often referred to as the fuel of the future. And this is with good reason. Hydrogen burns cleanly: the end result of combustion is Water (H2O) and there are no by-products to contend with such as SOX, NOX, and soot which arise out of combustion of fossil fuels. Also, H2 gas has the highest known calorific value for any fuel.

Hydrogen is also an important participant in various commercially important reactions. Hydrogen is used to increase saturation in organics and is an important reducing agent.

With New Multifab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Hydrogen Plant, end users can generate Hydrogen for captive consumption and gain the dual advantage of lower costs and higher purity. Impurities in Hydrogen are known to cause problems at the place of usage. For eg., moisture (often found in trolley cylinders available in market) can cause problems in reactions. Iron from the cylinders can poison catalysts. When high purity H2 is available from New Multifab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Hydrogen Generation Plant, you can plan for & execute reactions with confidence.

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